Motivation of the project

The demand of a dramatic reduction of the CO2 emissions due to heavy duty truck is bringing the technology evolution to an increase of powertrain electrification and of an even wider adoption of NCG and biofuels.
The GASTone project aims to evaluate the combined effect of a system enabling the production of decarbonised electric energy thanks to the thermal and kinetic energy efficient conversion and its use to improve a NCG engine and powertrain so to enable an effective downsizing and downspeeding and the benefit on a conventional or hybrid vehicle.
The project will focus the experimental activity on the engine while the on board impact will be assessed by means of advanced dynamic models taking benefit also from other on- going activities and projects.
In this framework it is important to underline that GASTone represents and additional tile of the mosaic including the EU funded project as CORE, NoWaste and Convenient all focused to the improvement of the long distance transportation energy efficiency by means of engine, powertrain and vehicle improvement.

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